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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Up's and Down's

This past week has been fa-nominal! I've put in 60-70 hours from Monday Through Friday and still didn't get everything done.
A client and I wrote an offer on a home on Monday which was accepted!
Had a closing on Tuesday (HUD Home) I will never represent a client that wants to purchase a HUD home that isn't going to pay cash.
Wrote two (2) offers on Wednesday which both came to an accepted offer.
Thursday an offer that was written a week before fell apart due to a home inspection that reveled black mold so this deal will be canceled :( I'm not happy about this but it's best for the client and I would rather the client find a home that is same.
Then Thursday evening Another client and I started to look at homes for the first time and he decided to purchase a home that I have listed so technically this deal is a 2 in 1 sale!
Needless to say this week has been great and I feel like everything is coming together again.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lawyer or no Lawyer?

One question I ha today was "should I hire an attorney to help me with the purchase of my new home". "Yes you should"!
Here's the thing, The contracts that we use have been approved by the Toledo Bar Association. This means the contract has already been reviewed and scrutinized. There are sections for use Realtors to add verbag which might change the contract but overall everything you read is straight forward.
Realtors have a code of ethics we are supposed to live up to and abide by and that is looking out for the best interests of our clients.
I'm not implying that you shouldn't hire an attorney you should it just sucks that so many people are sue happy that a firm hand shake and a persons word doesn't mean anything anymore. So now we are supposed to tell our clients to hire an attorney and have a home inspection and do this and don't do that.
Buying a home can be a smooth and enjoyable experiance. If we are all on the same page and work together a home can be sold with little problems.
Not all sales are as smooth as silk and many have their own snags but if we (Realtors) and clients (buyers & sellers) remember we all want the same ed result- To close the deal, then we can get it done.
If you have any questions about this post or anything that has to do with real estate send me a line and I'll try to answer it.