Real Estate Life

Friday, July 28, 2006

Coming around!

Been working pretty hard this past week. I bet I've put in 60 hours this week and still have this weekend left.

It isn't unusual for a real estate agent to work weekends especially since the weekend is when most people have off work to look at potential home. Also we work really late hours.

A buddy of mine calls me up one night around 11pm and tell me he wanted to write an offer on a home so I met him at my office and we wrote the offer.

Not all agents are that flexible or willing to work this many hours but most are. Don't let me raise the expectation levels for other agents.

Little efforts equal big results. This is my belief. If you hire me I want you to expect alot from me therefore I'll feel an obligation to produce higher results (I cant sell your home if its priced higher than what the market allows) and if for some reason you decide to hire a diffrent agent than me they will have trouble meeting your needs.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

workin hard for the money:)

I'll tell ya I'm out here working as hard as I know how.

There is something I would like to mention. I do not sell homes I help people buy homes.
Here is what I mean by this statement.
1. I have never persuaded anyone to buy a home.
2. I have never suggested someone should buy any particular home.
3. I have never told anyone that this is the home for them.
I have answered questions and given advise.
When you hire me you hire me to look out for your best interest and to help you find the best house for the money.
I also advise you of the bad deals.
Once I was showing homes to a client and the the situation was he was looking for a home to live in for just a few years. This was because he bought land and was saving money to have a home built. So why not buy a home to live in and build some equity instead of paying rent to someone else.
He found a home he wanted to buy and after I had researched the area and evaluated the home I found that the home was in need of a new roof, the basement leaked, and the asking price was higher than the actual value of the home thus making the home a money pit.

If I hadn't provided this client with my professional evaluation he would have bought this home and it would have cost him more than renting which would have defeated the idea of buying a home until he could build.

I'm comfortable saying "I work for the client not the paycheck"