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Friday, December 01, 2006

Why shouldn't You Sell Your Home?

You Should Sell Your Home And Here Is Why.

In today's market sellers aren't happy when their real estate agent tells them their house isn't worth as much as they think it should be. There is a flip side to this situation.

Usually before sitting down with a potential seller I do a little research on the market conditions for that particular property. For example what are similar homes in the same neighborhood listed for and how much have similar homes sold for in the past 6-12 months.

The initial gathering of information is usually pretty vague, if I haven't physical walked through the home. The reason for such a vague search is without ever seeing the home and without physical viewing the property it's difficult to determine an accurate value.
After viewing the property making an evaluation sometimes can be done right then and there at the property. Sometimes the evaluation process is more difficult than expected and I will need additional Inc\formation about the market to determine a fair market value.
Now that you know how the evaluation process is completed we can discuss why one should be hesitant in selling their home. The market is slow throughout most of the county. Sales times are slow and prices in some areas have actually depreciated. This should deter someone from selling their home. Depending how you look at this situation could change your opinion.
Here is why to sell your home. Your home isn't the only home that is selling for less than what it should be worth. This means if your home is selling for less, then the home you might be interested in buying is probably selling for less too. So this means you sell your home for less and you buy a home for less.
Your home is one of the largest financial investments you may ever make. You should be careful with your investment and make educated decisions.